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At Home Masks

We hope that everyone is staying home and properly social distancing. If you have to leave your home for essential necessities (food, gas, or essential work), the CDC now recommends that everyone wears a face mask or covering while out. With a national supply shortage, accessing a mask could be very expensive and difficult. If you are faced with this issue, follow our steps below to create your own safe mask at home. It is super easy, uses supplies you probably already have, and only takes 3 steps!


- bandana

- 2 rubber bands or ponytail holders


1. unfold your bandana completely and then roll it about 4 times to make a long slip.

2. Slide the rubber bands on either side about 1/3 of the way on.

3. Place one end of the bandana inside of the other.

Place on your face and you are ready! Make sure the mask covers both your nose and mouth the reduce exposure. Refrain from touching your face or the mask while in public. When you return home, make sure to throw the bandana in the wash!

- Unify Louisville

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