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Birthdays From A-Far

Hi it’s Lindsey! Today is my 17th birthday and I have to say it has been a bit strange in quarantine. Although it has been very unconventional, I have actually had an amazing day. Dealing with a special day while in quarantine, what ever it may be, can be very difficult. Today I am sharing some of the amazing things my friends and family have done to make the day super special. A birthday in quarantine can turn into a unique experience if you are creative!

1. Decorated Yard- This morning I woke up to a decorated front yard. Early this morning, a few of my friends woke up brought me my favorite coffee and hammered in a large birthday sign in my yard. If you have a friend with a birthday coming up this is a great way to start their day.

2. Scavenger Hunt - This morning between classes my mom set up a giant scavenger hunt through out my house. The scavenger hunt ended with a jar filled with all of my favorite candy. This was such a fun way to run around the house and have some excitement early in the day.

3. Birthday Parade - This one may have been the most fun. I got to see all of my friends as they drove by my house in their cars. This was a great way to have some social interaction but maintain a safe social distance.

4. Eat My Favorite Meal - Throughout the entire quarantine I have been craving pizza. I was finally able to eat it and it was a great birthday treat.

I hope everyone who has to celebrate their special at home has the best day!!

xoxo Lindsey

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