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Community Spotlight: CodeCovid

Hello everyone and welcome to another community spotlight! Once every week or two we will be using our platform to highlight businesses that have done something impressive or innovative during the pandemic. Today's post highlights CodeCovid, a local initiative started by Tala Saad, a freshman at Kentucky Country Day, to 3D print face shields. Read below to learn more!

The longer that COVID-19 goes on, the fewer resources that medical staff has. Most importantly, PPE. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, and all around the world healthcare workers are running desperately low. These healthcare workers are using everything from soda bottles to bandannas to keep not only themselves but the patients they treat, safe. 

COVID-19 is transferred through droplets and many procedures that healthcare workers do to aid their patients put them at high risk for coming in contact with the virus, endangering the medical staff. This is where my face-shields come in.

I’m working on fixing this problem with the help of a 3D Printer. In an attempt to keep medical staff safe,  I am creating face-shields for staff at local hospitals. I brought the printer home for a school project and only a few days later had put it to use making shields. 

These shields have a 3-D Printed band that holds a clear visor that protects the healthcare worker’s face from spray and droplets while they are treating patients. Because there is such a shortage, they can be disinfected and used again by the workers and the visors are replaceable. 

On April 5th, 90 shields were fully assembled and ready to donate to the hospital which the medical staff is currently using. 80+ N95 masks from KCD's FabLab were also sent with the shields to the hospital. As of today, I’m working on the second batch. The current number of assembled shields is 140 and counting. 

Healthcare workers are working with dwindling supplies and it’s now up to the community to help them stay safe. 

To learn more, check out a story that WLKY did on my project here!

To contact me email

- Tala Saad

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