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Compassion and Positivity

Staying positive during this pandemic can seem nearly impossible; especially when there is no clear end in sight. Days blur into each other, and at this point it is hard to find things to look forward to. However, staying positive is the most important thing you can do to benefit your mental and physical heath.

As we mention yesterday and strongly emphasized by Kentucky's governor, during this situation, we must tell ourselves that we are not stuck at home, but rather safe at home. This is an important mindset to adapt to help you less trapped and give yourself a sense of relief. By staying home you are preventing the spread of the virus but also lowering the chances of you getting it.

Staying positive will not only help your mood, but it will inspire you to go outside, workout, cook something new, and continue to focus on the good things in life. This is so important in terms of mental health and keeping your head up.

So, how can we stay positive during this situation? Below a few maybe cheesy, but helpful, items are listed. We encourage you to complete at least one of these tasks a day to help brighten your mood.

1. Write a thank you note to health care workers

- Take a moment to acknowledge the amazing doctors, nurses, etc. who are risking their lives everyday to support others. By recognizing these amazing people, you will be reminded that there are people out there fighting for us everyday. Expressing gratitude everyday is proven to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

2. Paint rally rocks

- The concept of rally rocks was started by local Lagree studio, Sculpt 6. Rally rocks are intended to use creativity to brighten someone else's day. You can paint rocks with any design (see below for some ideas) and drop them off at your neighbors house (contact free)!

3. Get up and ready for the day

- This one may seem stupid to some and a no brainer to others but getting up and actually getting ready for the day can totally change your mood. By getting ready for the day we mean change into a new pair of clothes, eat a good breakfast, and make your bed. This will help your body recognize your old routine, helping your body adjust to the new normal. It is a great way to stay positive and even productive throughout your quarantine.

One thing everyone can hold on to is that this won't last forever. Maybe a few more weeks or months, but not forever. If you are like us and are struggling to hold on to something, this is what you can grasp for now.

To end this little message we want to spread awareness for the color green, the color of compassion. The governor has requested that we light our homes green in support of the state, those we have lost, and each other. Let's band together and stay positive in these trying times. Keep your heads up and know that we are all feeling the same way right now, but we will get through this.

As always, stay safe and healthy

- Unify Louisville

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