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Dare to Care Food Drive Recap

Between December 2nd and 13th Unify Louisville partnered with Dare to Care to host a food drive for students and their families during the holiday season.

Unify worked with local businesses like Lulubelles boutique and accepted donations from over 15 members of the community in order to raise approximately 400 lbs of food.

"Lulubelles was so excited to engage in a community service project to help give back," Eleni Jones, Lulubelles employee and Unify Louisville volunteer said. "They were so excited to work with a great corporation like Unify Louisville."

All proceeds will be donated to school pantries in order to continue the mission of supporting students during the pandemic and beyond.

“The food drive we hosted back during the holidays was a huge success and we donated many filled boxes to Dare to Care headquarters,” said co-founder and JCPS student Dylan Breier. “The food will go directly to feeding children and teens in different schools.”

Breier dropped off the donated food on January 21st.

As for what’s next for Unify Louisville, co-founder Elia Saltzman says there is another event in the works that “we are very excited about”. Stayed updated by reading our blog and keeping up with us on social media @UnifyLou.

"We are so thankful to everyone who donated and we are so excited to grow with new events in the future," she said.

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