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De-Stress Yourself

AP's, finals, and end of year projects - it's pretty hard NOT to get stressed out right now. On top of all the end of year school work we are still in the midst of a pandemic which is also pretty stressful! However, there are easy methods you can take to help ease your stress. Being stressed can cause a halt in productivity, a spike in binge eating, and an overall negative feeling. Today we have compiled a list of the best things you can do when you're feeling stressed out to help relieve the tension.

1. Make a Plan

If your stressor is school work making a plan and following through on it will help you. Outline what you need to do and when it needs to be done plus how much work you should do each day. If the workload seems daunting split it up even more throughout the day giving yourself some breaks in between. Having a plan will help you ease an overall stressful feeling that comes with a huge amount of work and studying. If you need help with making a plan sign up for a tutoring session! Our awesome tutors would be happy to work with you

2. Clean your room

This may seem silly but a messy, unorganized room leads to a messy, unorganized brain! Even if it just means throwing a few pieces of clothing back in your closet, making your bed, or clearing your desk you will definitely feel better after everything.

3. Do some self care

Light a candle, turn on your favorite music, or get some exercise! Taking a little time for yourself is important and will help calm your stressful feelings. Getting outside or getting exercise is really good for your productivity and for de - stressing. Click here to access our post about home workouts you can do! You can also take a bubble bath, put on a face mask, or turn on your favorite show for an hour to feel better.

4. Remember what you can control

Some things in life are just out of your hands and accepting that can be difficult. However, you have to remember that you can only control so much and that's all you should focus on. Instead of worrying about the virus or paper you turned in last week, focus on the present and the future. There is no use in stressing over things you can't do anything about.

5. Talk to a friend

Most likely your friends feel the same way you do and knowing that you are not alone can really help calm stressful feelings. Just talk over the phone about what may be bothering you and remember that you are lucky to have someone to listen to you.

6. Breathe

For real, right now just take a deep breath and remember that you are not alone! We are all going through a stressful time right now and Unify Louisville is here to help in any way that we can.

As always stay happy and healthy

- Unify Louisville

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