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Get Outside!

Now that we are on week 4 of our quarantine, it is time to start bettering our habits. Being trapped inside can have a negative impact on your physical as well as your mental health.

When you go go outside and are exposed to the sun, your body receives a very important vitamin, vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for your immune system. In this day and age, a strong immune system should be the first thing you want. Another benefit to getting outside and taking a walk is that you are getting exercise and burning calories. This can also help your heart health, lower your blood sugar, and ease joint pains. The physical benefits to getting outside truly are endless.

Getting outside can also improve your mental health and overall mood. Being in the sunlight has lots of benefits for your mental health and can really make you feel more positive. According to UNC Healthcare, walking is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and depression. If you struggle with mental health issues, this may be a simple way for you to release some steam and lower the symptoms. Even just eating a lunch outside has been proven to have an impact.

So where to start? Your neighborhood is the first place to begin. Step outside your door and just start moving! If you are like me and the scenery is getting boring, we have listed below a few more options that will get you someplace new. Just remember to social distance from anyone you may see!

Our favorite parks / trails

- Jefferson Memorial

- Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve

- Beckley Creek Park

- Tom Sawyer

- The Parklands

- Big 4 Bridge

- The Falls of Ohio

As always stay safe & healthy

- Unify Louisville

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