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Giving Back: Cut It For COVID

We all know someone who is affected by COVID. Our city of Louisville is struggling to care for the influx of patients who are being admitted to hospitals at a rapid rate. In the midst of this, I wanted to find a way to help the city that we call home. I’m a junior at Saint X where many of our service projects for the remainder of the year were cancelled. In these times of uncertainty and struggle, I asked myself, “What can I do?”

This question prompted me to create the fundraiser CUT IT FOR COVID. On May 1st, I will be shaving my head in an effort to generate donations for the hospital staff at Norton. All donations will provide meals, mental and emotional support, as well as other comfort items for those working with the patients. My goal in creating this fundraiser is to help those who compassionately care for the patients. In times of need, the best thing that we can do as a community is to come together in support of those who need it. By donating and supporting this fundraiser, we have the opportunity to give back to the city and its workers who have given so much for us. We should do our best to give aid to the hospital staff who are caring for our family and our friends who are suffering.

Often, especially for younger people like myself, we can feel helpless in situations such as this one. All of this may seem too big for us, but this fundraiser gives us the opportunity to do something about these issues. This is our chance to do something special and make an impact on our city. I am asking everyone to donate to this cause (from April 9-May 8), or, at the very least, share this message by any means possible. Here is the link to the donation page:

The donations will be open until a week after I shave my head so anyone who still wants to donate is able to.

- Benjamin Sheehan

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