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Hope for JCPS

Hello Unify Louisville! My name is Ethan Tuvlin and I am a junior at DuPont Manual HS. The coronavirus has become a pandemic and I know that the number one concern for JCPS is our safety, which is why we are home right now and will start online schooling as of April 7. Teachers of JCPS have been updating the students about what schedules will look like for the following weeks or months and how the curriculum is going to work. Unify Louisville has already started gathering chromebooks for students who do not have access to technology at home, which is amazing and it is a goal JCPS has had in order for online schooling to be effective for everyone. I expect the online schooling to have a slower start since we are not going to be in a classroom with easy communication and teaching patterns. However, I am a believer in the program and think success is very much achievable. I hope through online schooling the teachers of JCPS can continue to teach curriculum of core classes, but I think the stress comes on the teachers for AP classes since the testing date has not changed. I believe, however, as long as these teachers stay on top of the review they have set up and manage our time and theirs effectively, JCPS will finish the year strong, even through the pandemic.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about JCPS in general, feel free to email me at or Unify Louisville can answer your questions!

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