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How To Be An Ally

As co-founders of Unify Louisville our main goal of the platform we have created is ways to bring Louisville teens together whether that be dealing with the coronavirus or now how to be actively anti-racist. As many of you know we have been posting resources and content on the Black Lives Matter movement and that is because it affects not only a lot of teens in Louisville, but also across the entire country. We are trying to be actively anti - racist and use our new platform as a way to inform others on how to stand up against racism. We have already posted lots of links, articles, and a blog post from a black teen in the city therefore amplifying her voice. Although we will never be able to understand we truly stand with black people everywhere and hope to be effective allies and support all of our black peers and friends.

We are both Jewish and although anti-semitism does not pose the same challenges that race does in America today, we understand the need of allies and those who are different from you to stand with you in your toughest moments. We would hope that our black friends would stand with us were the roles reversed and so we stand with them today and always.

Today we are sharing some of the ways we are being actively anti-racist and how you can be too. The biggest thing we have learned in our research the past few days is that it is not enough to be not racist, but that we all must be anti-racist and refuse to stay silent. Silence is complicity and we are using our voices to fight against these injustices.

The first thing we are doing is reading and watching

  • Click here to access lists of books that talk about racism, anti-racism, and are by black authors so you can support them.

  • The Hate U Give and The Blood of Emmett Till are two great places to start but the list is endless.

Next we have been signing petitions and spreading the word

  • Click here to access Sydney Geis’s recent post with links to petitions you can sign

The most important thing we are dong right now is listening to our black friends and peers and learning rather than drowning them out with our voices.

  • Listening and learning is beyond important right now.

Supporting black owned businesses

  • Click here to access a list of black owned makeup brands, clothing sites, and more for ways you can support rather than turning to your usual consumer base.

Following black influencers and listening to podcasts for new perspectives

  • This is a way we are continuing to learn and grow our knowledge. Our favorite influences are @whatnicolewore (Louisville based) and @colormecourtney

Starting the conversation at home

  • It may be hard to go against a family member at the dinner table or a friend who thinks differently, but by helping even just our inner circle begin to understand is effective and important.

We will continue to post resources, links, and more information on ways to support this cause and how to be actively anti-racist. We challenge everyone to not just post on social media, but also follow through by doing some of these. It is OK to recognize that you are not doing all you can, as long as you now are making a conscious effort to move forward and change your actions. For more resources check our instagram and check back here for more posts.

-Elia and Lindsey

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