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Juneteenth's Significance

On this day 155 years ago in Galveston, TX, Major General Gordon Granger announced that all slaves were free under federal ordered. This placed the two year old emancipation proclamation into effect. Since, Juneteeth has been celebrated in commemoration of the slaves being freed and as a way to celebrate the black community in America. It has become a symbolic date of "nobody is free until everybody is free". I, as well as many people, did not know much about Juneteeth until this. We are never taught this in school and it is not regarded as a national holiday even though it is such an important day. The holiday this year has been brought to many people's attention following the recent racial injustices and protest.

Many larger corporations such as Nike, Uber and Twitter have made Juneteeth a paid holiday to allow their employees time to educate themselves on the matter and reflect on their own lives. We encourage each and everyone one of you to read one article or listen to one podcast or watch one movie to educate yourself on the racial inequity in our country today. You can find various ways to educate yourself by looking at some of our previous blog post.

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