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Loss & Grief

Recently our school community suffered the loss of a favorite teacher and coach. This passing has been absolutely devestating for not only us, but for all of the members of the KCD Bearcat family. Dealing with a loss is another thing that we will have to face in an unorthodox way right now. If you lose someone, regardless of if it is actually due to the pandemic or not, will be a challenge. Today we are sharing some resources to help you through this tough time. Unfortunately, most of us will know someone who passes during this time and for some it will be their first time losing someone close to them. Unify Louisville is here for all those who are struggling and are thinking of all the families who have lost someone.

Ways to Channel Your Grief

  1. Journal your feelings

  2. Talk to someone! FaceTime a friend or family member

  3. Find a creative outlet

  4. Plan a memorial over zoom or with a drive-by

Online Resources

  1. Hello Grief

  2. The Dougy Center

  3. The Jed Foundation

  4. The Trevor Project

  5. National Alliance on Mental Illness


  1. 24 Hour Crisis and Intervention Hotline - (502) - 589 - 4313

  2. National Suicide Hotline - 1 - 800 - SUICIDE

  3. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1 - 800 - 273 - TALK

  4. Crisis Textline - Text "Hello" to 741741

Stay Strong,

- Unify Louisville

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