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Making Money in Quarantine

Adults are not the only people facing unemployment in this economic crisis the country is facing. Teenagers have lost babysitting hours, part-time jobs, and things like school store hours. However, that doesn't mean that there is no hope for our wallets. Especially if you have become addicted to online shopping recently or you have a phone bill to pay it is important to do what you can to rake in those bills! Below are some of the best quarantine - approved ways to make some money with a special feature on starting your own business!

1. Selling clothes/items

The poshmark craze is real which means it may be time for that closet clean out you've been dreading. With apps like poshmark, ebay, and so many others there's no excuse to make some extra money off of the things you're ready to get rid of. You can also ask a family member if you can split the profits of their items if you do the work of selling them!

2. Yard Work

It's time to text those neighbors and pick up a shovel! If you know how to weed a garden, mow a lawn, or even plant flower beds this is a great way to make some money. As long as you stay on the person's lawn you are in a social distancing approved place! You can also offer to clean their pool, car, or other outside entity. This is a great way to take in that spring weather and do some work that is a bit more active. Plus, people are very ready to get their outdoors ready for summer!

3. Start your own business

Daniel Greenberg, a junior from KCD, recently started his own business - ViralLEDs. Along with his partner they sell the strip lights you see all over tik tok with patterns they have programmed themselves as well as cool objects one of a kind objects like LED clouds and party kits! Below Daniel talks about starting Viral LEDs and why this is the perfect time to begin a passion project.

"Hi, my name is Daniel Greenberg. I recently started a new business during the coronavirus quarantine and one thing that it has proved to me is that you should follow your passions and not wait to do that one thing that you have been thinking about.

'If you're like me, when you have a great idea, you make excuses on why you can't make that idea happen. I have caught myself saying many time, "Maybe I will do it when I get more time on my hands," or, "This might not be a good idea after all."My experience proves that you should quit being negative and just do it!

'Recently I started Viral LEDs and have learned that you can always make time for things that you are passionate about. As opposed to spending my first hour after school relaxing on my phone, I will now catch myself working on the business, and I am proud of that. Granted, that does not mean that I never pick up a smartphone the entire day (I still have time to check my Instagram at least 100 times a day).

'Some of you may be wondering, what is Viral LEDs? Viral LEDs is the optimal place to buy premium LEDs. From LED strips to clouds, Viral LEDs makes your room look magical. Our LEDs are not like the generic ones that just do solid colors, but have over 90 unique, customizable patterns the user can choose from, all on an app from your smartphone (not a controller that is easy to lose). My partner, Sims, and I assemble and program all of the products we ship and we have already sold to customers across the United States and as far away as Singapore and Germany.

'The quarantine has allowed me to give myself time to start Viral LEDs and expand it to what it is today. I have learned about customer service, PR, social media marketing, better ways to program, accounting, and many more skills that I am happy to now have because of Viral LEDs. I encourage you to stop waiting to pursue that one great idea you have and start planning to execute it today. And, tomorrow, I encourage you to follow that plan and follow your dreams."

To access ViralLED's website click here.

Follow them on insta: @viralleds

4. Instacart (18+) - or make your own version!

Instacart is what so many people are using to buy groceries now. It is a great way for immuno-compromised and elderly people to get the things they need without exposing themselves too much. You can sign up to work for instacart, or do a grassroots movement where you just reach out to people in your area and see if they will pay you $5-10 each week to get their groceries. They can refer you to friends and you can make your own little business out of it!

We hope that you were able to find an idea on how to make some money during quarantine. We know that it is not an easy time for everyone who has lost work, including teenagers. That is why we will continue to promote resources we find and more money-making ideas like this one!

Stay Happy & Healthy

- Unify Louisville

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