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Opening Precautions

Starting tomorrow restaurants will begin to follow suit with stores and will begin to open up as well (with limited capacity). While this is great for our local businesses and allow everyone to experience more, it is very important to remember that the virus is still contagious as ever and we all must stay safe while going out.

  • Wear a mask in public in closed spaces. The FDA has now come out with a new report stating that it is more unlikely to contract corona while outside. When going to grocery store and other stores, remember to wear a mask to keep you and other safe.

  • Request outdoor seating when eating at a restaurant. As mentioned above, when outside, it is more difficult to contract the virus.

  • Respect stores and business's guidelines. Some business have decided to put stricter measures in order regarding amount of people in their business and protective measures taken. Understand that these are for your own safety.

  • Keep small gatherings outside. The more you are outside the better! Virus particles can also not move as quickly in open air.

  • Continue to wash your hands and be sanity as usual.

As we begin to interact with more people, please remember to use common sense and to do everything to stay safe.

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