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Q & A with Tanya Stockhammer

Today our co-founder’s Lindsey and Elia interviewed child pyschologist Tanya Stockhammer to get her perspective on teenage mental health during coronavirus. Tanya gave us some great incite on how to deal with bad days and isolation as we all continue to be in quarantine. It is Mental Health Awareness Month so we will be focusing on topics like these in the upcoming weeks. She shared same great resources which will will provide links to below. Please click here to watch the interview.

Mindfulness and Meditation resources:

Calm (meditation) -

Headspace (meditation) -

Peloton (Yoga and meditation) - https://

Hotline numbers:

Suicide prevention hotline: (800)-273-8255

24 hour crisis hotline (Louisville): (502)-589-4313

Stay Safe & Healthy

- Unify Louisville

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