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Simple & Healthy Quarantine Meals

As we all navigate the global COVID-19 crisis, it’s more important now than ever to continue to nourish our bodies with healthy options. Sitting at home, anxious, bored, and stressed can lead to stress eating and/or eating out of boredom. Getting in the kitchen is a great way to get your mind off of things and to try new things. Below we have listed a couple of ideas for every meal of the day along with a dessert idea. When you try them out, take a picture and tag us @UnifyLou!


  • Decorating toast!

  • A couple of ideas: avocado toast, peanut butter banana, nutella strawberry

  • You can get creative with this if you're bored!

  • Smoothies!

  • A smoothie is a fast alternative to still ensure that you are eating a fulfilling breakfast.

  • Here are some great ideas:


  • Wraps!

  • Wraps are super simple and can be made very healthy. You can use anything you have in your fridge such as leftover chicken with hummus.

  • Pizza!

  • Making pizza dough can be a great quarantine activity, but if you don't have that amount of time you can use pretty much anything you have in your pantry, such as pita or tortillas. Then the fun starts - tomato sauce or pesto, cheese, and any toppings you like.


  • Make a bowl!

  • Another easy idea that you can either keep simple or elevate. Put any protein, vegetable, and grain (such as rice) in a bowl with a sauce you like and enjoy!


  • Healthy Cookies!

  • These are a delicious healthy option for dessert if you have some extra time and want to do some baking.

  • Here are a couple of our favorite recipes:


- Dylan Breier

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