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Teen Perspectives: Thoughts & Feelings

These past few weeks have not been easy on anyone to say the least. This is a scary time for everyone, old and young. For teenagers, a prime development time has been put on hold, and we are being forced to isolate ourselves from many people we love. It can get really lonely spending day after day without your friends that you usually spend everyday with. It’s completely valid to feel angry and sad that COVID19 has changed our lives so much. I know I’ve done my fair share of moping around, or feeling sorry for myself, but here are some things that have helped me feel better mentally, and hopefully they can help you too!

To start, putting everything going on in the world in perspective should be a priority of all teens around Louisville. Even though COVID19 has created real struggles in our lives, we are not the age group/demographic suffering the most from Corona. I understand every feeling we have is valid: the anger, remorse, loneliness, sadness, but at the same time we should try to focus that negative energy into something positive so we aren’t driven too crazy. 

One fun thing I have been doing to lighten my mood is exercising. I love to go on runs, and do different muscle building workouts I find online. Working out is a great way to get endorphins flowing, and help increase your mood. I’ve also been creating a lot of art. I love to paint, draw, and do makeup. Now that I have the time to create new art I am! It has actually been quite refreshing and I find it calming to focus on art. 

If you truly need a morale booster try finding ways to help your community. There is a post on unifylou’s website on how to make face masks you could then donate, and I’m sure there are many places to donate non-perishable goods too. Not only is this a great way to help our community, but also find a constructive way to spend time. 

Even though I find it important to stay busy, it is ok to maybe have lazier and perhaps more sad days. It’s ok to feel especially sad one day and think “maybe I won’t go for run today”, and instead watch Netflix, do your skincare routine, stay in bed all day, and scroll through social media for a while. It’s ok to feel off, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to use this quarantine time to stretch yourself thin with new activities. The weight of this virus is very heavy, and sometimes that can create new anxieties and sad thoughts that need to be addressed with a little TLC. 

Hopefully this article helped anyone feeling a bit down in the dumps, and maybe even sparked some new activity ideas! I hope it also reminded you that even though we are all social distancing, (yes all of us!!), we are all facing this issue in solidarity, and we will all get through this. Continue to take care of yourselves and others!

- Sydney Geis

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