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The Making of Unify Louisville

Friday nights are supposed to be spent having a fun time with your friends at 17 years old, but last weekend I found myself sitting in front of the TV watching the governor talk about a global pandemic that had halted modern life. I walked away for a few minutes and came back to hear the superintendent of JCPS schools talking about how how they were going to be providing chromebooks for any students who needed them in order to facilitate online learning.

A lot of thoughts were going through my head in this moment because when you are quarantined to your own house for a week, your thoughts can really get to you. I started thinking about how I needed to do something to distract myself, but I was also thinking about what I could do to help make myself feel like I was contributing something positive in a moment that only seemed negative.

I thought about how I could start a blog to keep myself busy or maybe offer to tutor some neighborhood kids. My mom who was watching the news with me mentioned how sorry she felt for the parents who had kids that just didn't know what to do with themselves. Finally, it hit me how I could help.

I called Lindsey the next day and Unify Louisville was born. A website that informs and provides resources on COVID-19 for teens, and offers free tutoring and resources. I felt like this was something that would really have a positive contribution on my community and after a few long days of really hard work, Unify Louisville was born.

Not only can I make an impact on my city, but through this project I am able to stay connected to all the friends that have helped along the way even though we may be separated right now. I know the coronavirus won't last forever, but I am glad that for now I am doing my part to make this scary time just a little better for others.

Hoping everyone stays safe & healthy

- Elia Saltzman

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