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Trying to Find the Normal

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, we are all expected to stay in our homes 24/7, stay productive, and not go stir crazy. Staying productive is especially difficult. I know I personally have had to deal with how to manage my time to make sure I get all of my school work done. Below are some suggestions I am attempting to incorporate into my new strange life. The best advice I can give is to try to stick to your every day routine.

1. Wake up at a normal time. I am generally a morning person so waking up at a “normal” time is not that difficult for me, but I urge everyone to wake up at the same time (or at least close) to the time you would wake up for a normal school day. This will help your body realize that the events you will be doing throughout the day are “normal”.

2. Do school work during “school hours”. I am striving to finish all of my schoolwork during normal school hours (8-3). At my school, a couple days a week, I meet with my teachers for online school that takes place during “class time”. On the days I don’t meet, getting my work done during normal work time makes it seems like a regular school day.

3.Take work breaks when needed. Try to set timers and little goals for your work. When doing work, set a 25 minute timer on your phone and throw it across the room, after 25 minutes of being productive, allow yourself a 5 minuet break the scroll through social media or catch up with friends. This will help you not reach the “you are caught up message” on instagram and it will help you stay on task. The system forces you to actually work with no distractions.

4.Take a walk/ work out. After sitting and working all day you need to find away to relieve and excess energy. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day and dramatically increase productivity because it helps to get rid of the jitters of excess energy.

⁃Lindsey Latts

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