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Updated: May 2, 2020

Unify Louisville is so grateful to have such an amazing group of students from around the city helping us make our free tutoring program possible. We want to share some appreciation for those students who have given their time and energy into helping others. We also want to introduce some of the tutors to people who are interested in booking with them for some help! We will be updating this posting with new spotlights every so often! If you are interested in becoming a tutor for Unify Louisville email us at If you are interested in booking a session for homework help or a study session click here. Thank you again to all of our tutors who are helping make everything possible!

Mia Mercer

School: Sacred Heart Academy

Grade: 11th

Subjects: Math, History, Science, French, English

Fun Facts:

1. She studied abroad in Malaysia last year

2. Started Guardian On The Go - a reusable mask company

3. She loves vegan cooking

Gita Jaikumar

School: Dupont Manual High School

Grade: 11th

Subjects: Biology & Math

Fun Facts:

1. She loves music

2. She has been playing piano for almost 12 years!

Sara Alzuhaili

School: Kentucky Country Day

Grade: 10th

Subjects: Science & Math

Fun Facts:

1. She can speak fluent arabic

2. She plays lacrosse

3. She loves smoothie bowls

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