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Unify Louisville Host First School Supply Drive

The past two weekends the Unify Louisville Team hosted their first annual school supply drive to help create JCPS NTI bags to support students all around the city.

Those making donations could do so by cash, check, venmo, or by simply donating supplies through a safe, socially distanced drive through system outside of The Temple, located off U.S 42.

Those who donated were also entered for an opportunity to win a Target gift card.

A volunteer organizes supplies donated. Photo by Reyna Diaz.

“The turnout was great-both in person and through donations,” said Elia Saltzman, co-founder of Unify.

Items received included 64 backpacks, nearly 10,000 sheets of paper, almost 1,500 pencils, and so much more.

You can find a full list of everything donated below. “It was definitely more than expected for our first event, it makes me hopeful for the future of Unify Louisville” she said.

Unify Louisville also plans to donate 1,000 dollars with funds raised.

Volunteers at the event participated in organizing supplies, creating signs, and much more. Photo by Reyna Diaz.

As for what's next for Unify Louisville, expect more events like these soon.

“We are hoping to have an event every two months or so depending on the needs of the community. We are still in the brainstorming process, but if anyone has any ideas feel free to contact us,” Saltzman said.

You can share your ideas or find ways to get involved by emailing or by clicking the “Get in Touch” option on the website.

“Our volunteers, friends, and family were instrumental in helping us spread the word and we couldn’t be more grateful since this event was successful due to them,” Saltzman said.

Co-founder Elia Saltzman and volunteer Dylan Breier hold up filled backpacks after a successful day. Photo by Reyna Diaz.

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