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Using Music To Get Through The Coronavirus Lockdown

Hey Unify Louisville! This is Mary Mason. I’m a junior at KCD with Lindsey and Elia. Both of them can confirm that while I have zero musical talent, I love listening to music and creating playlists, activities I’ve found myself doing more than ever in my new free time. No matter how this lockdown makes you feel, chances are there’s a song out there that could take your mind off of our current predicament or make you feel better. Even if music doesn’t always help to calm you down, finding new music and creating playlists is a good activity to try to keep yourself busy. If you’re like me and listen to new songs over and over until you start to hate them, a) let’s start a support group because it’s truly a problem and b) these tips for finding new music quickly are for you.

1. Plagiarism 

You can be blatant and just steal from your friends’ playlists, or be smart and steal from strangers so everyone thinks you have original music taste. There are a lot of ways you can go about this, but what I do is search a playlist name that matches what I want (happy, slow, etc.), scroll down to shared playlists, then copy away. Gentlemen’s rules would say don’t steal more than a couple songs, especially from friends, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You do you.

2. Artist Recycling

This is especially great for older artists with a ton of songs. If there’s a singer you love, look through all their older albums, and there’s a good chance you find a new great song. If you have Apple Music, there are typically “essentials” playlists for artists, and you can usually find some good ones there.

3. Remixes

When I get really tired of my music, I go straight to Soundcloud and look up a remixes playlist. They are so much fun, and usually feature a bunch of songs so you never get bored. Big Bootie remixes are cult favorites, but you really can’t go wrong with a solid Electric Love or Dog Days are Over remix.

4. Gnoosic is so simple but really genius. Look it up, enter your three favorite artists, and it will give you a new one to listen to. Once you give feedback on that artist, it will give you another. This works for anyone and has already given me so many great artists to look at. 

5. Youtube/Pinterest

You would be shocked at the number of Youtubers that make “My Playlist” videos. These are hit or miss, but there’s a good chance you might find a couple of good new songs from watching these. This is also a big thing on Pinterest. If you type in “music recommendations”, you will find tons of results, usually sorted by the general vibe of the music. 

If you’re still desperate, here’s what I’ve been listening to:

Happy- Another Day in Paradise (Quinn XCII), Making Luv to the Beat (Watch the Duck), Rollin (Calvin Harris), Mango (Peach Tree Rascals), Magic in the Hamptons (Social House), Saturday Sun (Vance Joy)

Chill- 24/ 7/ 365 (Surfaces), Cold War (Cautious Clay), Finally//Beautiful Stranger (Halsey), La La Land (Bryce Vine), Yellow Lights (Harry Hudson)

Energy- Under the Sun (Dreamville, J. Cole, and Lute), What They Want (Russ), Just My Luck (Marc E. Bassy), Phone Numbers (Dominic Fike & Kenny Beats), These Days (Mike Stud)

Happy Listening!

- Mary Mason

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