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Week In Review: 3/28 - 4/3

Welcome to the second edition of "Week In Review" on Unify Louisville! We are pleased to once again be bringing you relevant information on the Coronavirus pandemic. "Week In Review"s will be published every Friday after Governor Andy Beshear addresses the state.

The Numbers:

Total Confirmed Cases: 831

New Cases Today (4/3): 90

Notes from Beshear:

As Beshear always begins, it is important to note that we are all in this together. All actions taken and sacrifices made are to help Kentuckians help to flatten the curve. If you want to learn more about what it means to "flatten the curve" check out our Virus Info page. One of the biggest notes Beshear made regarding to social distancing is that you are not stuck at home, but rather safe at home. We urge everyone to stay home, stay away from friends, and social distance. We know it is hard, but it is very important right now. In an infographic displayed during his address, Beshear shows the impact of strict social distancing versus poor compliance. If we all as a state follow the guidelines accordingly, we could save over 11,000 lives.

Another important note he mentions is that if you go to the grocery store and it is crowded, you should leave and come back later when there are fewer people inside to be able to social distance properly. On your walks, be mindful to stay six feet apart from your neighbors, but make sure to still wave and spread a little bit of positivity.

Mental health priority is something he stressed in his address and something we will be addressing a lot in the coming weeks on Unify Louisville. Please make sure to take care of yourselves and reach out if you need to speak with someone.

An ongoing announcement from this week is that the fairgrounds are currently being used to create field hospitals in preparation for a peak in cases.

If you have any more questions check out the resources below or email us at By social distancing and following the governor's guidelines we can work to come out of this pandemic with as few casualties as possible. #TogetherKY.

Important Resources:

KY's COVID - 19 Hotline: (800)-722-5725

KY's COVID - 19 Website:

To Donate PPE Call or Email: 833- GIVE-PPE / GIVEPPE.KY.GOV

10 Steps to Fight Covid-19:

Resources taken from

As always stay safe and healthy!

- The Unify Louisville Team

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