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Week In Review: 4/18 - 4/25

Welcome to our fourth edition of "Week In Review" on Unify Louisville! We are excited to be bringing you another efficent and informative recap of information. "Week In Review"s will be published every Friday after Governor Andy Beshear addresses the state.

The Numbers:

Total Confirmed Cases: 3,905

New Cases Today (4/17): 171

Deaths Today: 5

Total Deaths: 205

Notes from Beshear:

Today we are going to keep this brief as there aren't too many huge announcements. As was mentioned last week, the phases are things that will start to go into effect very soon. If all goes well, phase 1 will hopefully begin on Monday.

Another exciting and important note is that today was better than yesterday. Even though this could change it means that we are not on an incline and have done our part to help flatten the curve.

We must continue to social distance and take all precautions necessary during this time. Please stay safe and healthy!

If you have any more questions check out the resources below or email us at By social distancing and following the governor's guidelines we can work to come out of this pandemic with as few casualties as possible. #TogetherKY.

Important Resources:

KY's COVID - 19 Hotline: (800)-722-5725

KY's COVID - 19 Website:

To Donate PPE Call or Email: 833- GIVE-PPE / GIVEPPE.KY.GOV

Drive Thru Testing Location Information/Registration:

10 Steps to Fight Covid-19:

Resources taken from

As always stay safe and healthy!

- The Unify Louisville Team

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