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Weeks In Review: 4/4 - 4/17

Welcome to our third edition of "Week In Review" on Unify Louisville! After a slow week last week we are back with relevant information to keep you up to date. "Week In Review"s will be published every Friday after Governor Andy Beshear addresses the state.

The Numbers:

Total Confirmed Cases: 2522

New Cases Today (4/17): 134

Deaths Today: 8

Total Deaths: 137

Notes from Beshear:

As always, let's note Beshear's daily introduction: We will get through this together. And so far, that is the truth! Kentucky has been doing so well at #socialdistancing that we barely even have a curve to begin with. That is easy to see if you look at the numbers above compared to previous weeks. They haven't risen much and seem to be nearing a plateau.

A big announcement that has come this week is drive thru testing options in partnership with Kroger. There are lots of new locations sparking up all around the state. To access more information on this resource visit the link below.

Kentucky has recently accounted that we will join with Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois to work on safety reopening those states. Beshear also went through phase 1 of The President's recently released Opening Up America Again plan (OUAA). Phase one has a few benchmarks that Kentucky (and every other state) must reach before they can continue. We must have a 14 day decline of positive tests, a decrease to where there are no patients cared for outside of a normal hospital capacity (field hospitals, hotels, etc.) with surge capacity, and there must be robust testing available in the case of a second wave.

Beshear stated that he agrees with this plan and it is what they will be following for now in accordance with the other states listed above. He has not set a specific date for re-opening, but instead has included these benchmarks as a guide.

While you may be discouraged right now after almost a month and a half of quarantine, it is important to note that preparing for the reopening of states is a big deal. This means that this is something that will happen in the foreseeable future even if it does happen slowly. Maintain hope and positivity. We will get through this #togetherky.

If you have any more questions check out the resources below or email us at By social distancing and following the governor's guidelines we can work to come out of this pandemic with as few casualties as possible. #TogetherKY.

Important Resources:

KY's COVID - 19 Hotline: (800)-722-5725

KY's COVID - 19 Website:

To Donate PPE Call or Email: 833- GIVE-PPE / GIVEPPE.KY.GOV

Drive Thru Testing Location Information/Registration:

10 Steps to Fight Covid-19:

Resources taken from

As always stay safe and healthy!

- The Unify Louisville Team

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