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What You Need to know about Unify's FREE Tutoring Sessions

Unify Louisville not only hosts events like the Dare to Care Food Drive and School Supply Drive but also offers FREE tutoring for all school subjects, from foreign language to chemistry and more from other local high schoolers.

Sessions are conducted entirely through zoom and online resources are also provided by tutors. Before being selected, each tutor goes through an extensive application process and an interview to ensure they are qualified. Within 24 hours Unify’s Head of Tutoring pairs the student with a tutor that fills the required skill set, for example, no senior student will be paired with a freshman tutor, and the Head of Tutoring communicates with the student to confirm details.

Each session is an hour-long and happens as many times a week as the student deems necessary. These times and dates are flexible if tutoring becomes less or more of a necessity and students can switch days/times, just as Kentucky Country Day sophomore Ben Barrott did.

Barrott receives tutoring in both geometry and chemistry and started tutoring three to four times a week, but has now moved to around once a week. He found Unify Louisville on Instagram and DMed the account to get a session set up. He enjoys learning in a smaller setting and the attentiveness to specific skills. “It was good for me to have some one-on-one time with someone on a subject or a problem,” he said.

For Barrott, the results were almost immediate. “I have seen great improvements in my grades as well as my motivation to do my schoolwork,” he said. Finding motivation during this unique situation can be difficult, but having a specific person to hold you accountable is proven to help others be more successful.

Barrott said he would recommend tutoring to others who need a little extra push in any subject. “From my experience, my tutors were very knowledgeable about their subject which was extremely helpful,” he said.

To sign up for tutoring, fill out the google form through Unify Louisville’s website or click here.

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