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What is Social Distancing?

Social Distancing is the biggest thing that you can do as an individual to help with the coronavirus pandemic. Social Distancing means staying 6 feet apart from people, avoiding group gatherings greater than 10, and ultimately staying home as much as possible. The aim of social distancing is to help flatten the curve.

What Does it Mean to Flatten the Curve?

Flattening the curve means that the number of coronavirus cases are more spread out over time versus having a large spark. The reason a flat curve is important is because if cases rise above the dotted line in the graph below, they will exceed hospital capacity which would leave people without proper care and resources

I'm a Young Healthy Kid, Why Should I Stay Home?

Let's consider a scenario: You and 9 of your closest friends decide to have a pizza party. Little do you know, on his way there one of your friends picks up the virus from someone at the grocery store. He then passes it to 9 more people who pass it to their families and to his own family. Now, potentially 30 more people have contracted the virus. Scenarios like this are real and largely contribute the the virus's rapid spread.

JCPS Meal Sites

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